Impact Play Bundle

Get three courses as a bundle and learn in-depth all you need to know about engaging in impact play. This bundle gives you access to the following classes:

Introduction to Impact Play (Beginner Level)

This course is designed for everyone who is beginning their journey into impact play or those who wish to expand their basic knowledge.

Course duration: approx. 4h

This course will

  • give a basic level on touch and different ways to play with the body
  • give health and safety considerations around impact play
  • offer suggestions on tools and how to use them
  • give tips and tricks around hand care & impact technique using your hands
  • offer techniques and suggestions on pain & sensation processing
  • cover consent, negotiation, and consensual play
  • demonstrations on impact technique for floggers, canes & other tools as well as where to hit on the body
  • demonstrate the importance of aftercare
  • share feedback and reflection from Manon & Caritia


Flogging Intensive (Intermediate Level)

In this course, we aim to offer context for the practice of flogging and exploring space to reclaim it as a consensual body play and shared connective practice.

Course duration: approx. 2,5h

This course will:

  • teach basic techniques of flogging
  • health and safety of the body
  • boundaries and consent
  • how to disinfect and clean your floggers
  • how hormones can be triggered by play and their lovely effects
  • pain processing
  • demonstrate negotiating and ways to play
  • how to choose your tools
  • how to play and have fun (demos included)


Caning Intensive (Intermediate Level)

The word caning can bring joy and fear in equal measure to many hearts. If you know how to do it right, that is. Let Caritia guide you through the depths of this practice.

Course duration: approx. 2,5h

This course will

  • advise on tools and materials used for caning
  • give health and safety guidance
  • offer techniques
  • open the conversation on boundaries and consent
  • share processing tools
  • cover risk assessment
  • show you lots and lots of fun stuff to do with canes