Erotic Shame & Humiliation

In our day-to-day lives, we usually try to avoid the feeling of shame at all costs.

But shame as a conscious and consensual tool to play with humiliation in a kink context can be very delicious, hot, and ultimately very satisfying. Shame play and humiliation are considered psychological play and can be very powerful types of engaging in kink for all people involved.

So how do you play with shame and humiliation in a good, positive, and empowering way?

How do you welcome a feeling that you would usually try to avoid and how do you hold space for a person that is experiencing shame?

In this course, Emma Steel - together with her lovely assistant Miss Tobi - dives deep into her favorite topic.

Her knowledge of kink and her training in psychology will help you understand and navigate this topic and find your way into playing with shame.


This course will cover:

- How to recognize and understand shame

- How shame feels in your body?

- Roles within shame play

- How to work with unwelcome shame and trauma

- Boundaries, Consent, Negotiation, and Aftercare

- How to initiate playing with shame