Play Fight & Rough Body Play

Physical play, fighting, tussling, grappling, bawling - play fighting can be so much fun if you know how to fight safely.

Love play fighting but wanna make it more kinky?

No problem at all. Our resident fight expert René's got you covered on both topics and will introduce you to the in's & out's of play fighting as well as the kinky, fun and sometimes deliciously mean things you can do if you want to engage in rough body play. Together with experts Montserrat and Laina we'll show you everything there is to this topic plus a ton of fight demonstrations to give you an idea how you can combine this activity with other kinks any dynamics.

Are you ready to rumble?

This course will

  • explain the similarities and differences between play fighting and rough body play
  • teach you everything about safety and fight preparation
  • go through the entire body anatomy and show where you can hit/punch/squeeze/bite etc. and where not
  • teach you about consent, intentions and how to negotiate your scene
  • teach you all relevant fighting techniques from how to make a fist all the way up to how to integrate intimate body parts
  • show you different fight beginnings, dynamics and talk about the psychology of fighting
  • add kinky dynamics and other kinky techniques and how to integrate them safely into your rough body play
  • provide you with tons of fight demonstrations from fun "capture the sock" scenarios all the way to kinky sadomasochistic rough body play

This course requires a partner to be able to try out all the exercises. If you have no partner you can still do the course, however it will be a much more theoretical learning.

course duration: approx. 6h