Erotic Shame & Humiliation

In our day-to-day lives, we usually try to avoid the feeling of shame at all costs.

But shame as a conscious and consensual tool to play with humiliation in a kink context can be very delicious, hot, and ultimately very satisfying. Shame play and humiliation are considered psychological play and can be very powerful types of engaging in kink for all people involved.

So how do you play with shame and humiliation in a good, positive, and empowering way?

How do you welcome a feeling that you would usually try to avoid and how do you hold space for a person that is experiencing shame?

In this course, Emma Steel - together with her lovely assistant Miss Tobi - dives deep into her favorite topic.

Her knowledge of kink and her training in psychology will help you understand and navigate this topic and find your way into playing with shame.


This course will cover:

- How to recognize and understand shame

- How shame feels in your body?

- Roles within shame play

- How to work with unwelcome shame and trauma

- Boundaries, Consent, Negotiation, and Aftercare

- How to initiate playing with shame


Find your Kinks

The world of kink is large and bountiful. Time to explore it! But where and how to start?

This course is designed for everyone who is beginning their own kink journey and would like to go on a deep and fun exploration of themselves and their own sexuality. We offer you a safe and completely judgement free space to slowly explore the abundant world of BDSM in its many facets and find the things you like and love.

We do more than help you find the kink(s) that might turn you on. Together with Caritia you can not only explore what's out there and how it's done safely but also explore WHY certain activities might attract you and others. This exploration of kink is also a guided journey into your own desires, wishes and needs.

This course will

  • guide you through larger topics of kink
  • explain and demonstrate common kinky activities to give you an idea of what they are, as well as examples of what they can look like
  • give you substantial knowledge in terms of boundaries setting, consent negotiation
  • talk about kink and psychology, kink and trauma and the difference between kink and abuse
  • explain kink terms and vocabulary
  • provide lots of demos and playful examples
  • offer different positions you can adopt according to your body and ability
  • talk about what makes something kinky
  • help you define what a fetish is
  • give you lots of resources and tools to find and safely explore your kinks


course duration: approx. 15h