Kink & Trauma

Trauma is a is a big word. Trauma is part of life and "trauma transformation" can stand for the idea that wounds can heal. Some of us use BDSM techniques to make that kind of change happen. This workshop gives you a glimpse into how that is possible, what to be aware of and why the body is key.

This course is designed for everyone from beginner to expert who is interested in the topic either for themselves or wish to acquire knowledge of how to play with others better.

The course consists of a theoretical part that discusses the topics in depth, a practical group session that includes play scenes and lots of exercises for you to try at your convenience.

This course will

  • provide lots of theory about trauma and BDSM
  • gives you lots of embodiment exercises to work with that can calm you down
  • gives insights into how to negotiate & navigate playing with trauma
  • covers topics such as shame, anxiety, triggers and how to work with them
  • considers external factors such as power dynamics, space & time, privileges etc.
  • consists of a theoretical part and an entire group sessions with Emma and four different participants
  • shows practical examples of negotiating, building and executing kink scenes that play with trauma
  • gives lots of advice for safety, check-ins and aftercare


course duration: approx. 7h