Introduction to Impact Play

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Your body has immense capacity for a myriad of sensations. With anatomical knowledge, some simple techniques and mindful awareness you can have a lot of serious fun with our course – Impact Play.

This course is designed for everyone who is beginning their journey into impact play or those who wish to expand their basic knowledge.

This course will

  • give a basic level on touch and different ways to play with the body
  • give health and safety considerations around impact play
  • offer suggestions on tools and how to use them
  • give tips and tricks around hand care & impact technique using your hands
  • offer techniques and suggestions on pain & sensation processing
  • cover consent, negotiation and consensual play
  • demonstrations on impact technique for floggers, canes & other tools as well as where to hit on the body
  • demonstrate the importance of aftercare
  • share feedback and reflection from Manon & Caritia

and much more.

course duration: approx. 4h