Rope Play – Kanna Style – Series

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For Akechi Kanna aesthetics and patterns are what come after deeply connecting to your partner and giving them sweet consensual torment, delicious suffering, and sweet relief. In Kanna’s school of rope / Kanna-ryu every rope, every placement, every tension, and action should have an intention that the person tying is controlling.

In this 4-class-series, Akechi Kanna-san and Akechi Kagura-san will teach you how to apply the fundamentals to playing in/with/via ropes. There is no uniformity, no fixed concepts in play. Playing is a unique, personal, and intimate act with limitless varieties of how you use the rope, where you place it, and what the intention of direction, style tension, and energy add to your play adding to or matching individual sensitivities, skills, and the characteristics of the people tying.
Akechi Kanna and Akechi Kagura will suggest and show ways to play with progression from beginner to moderate, intermediate, and advanced, as an example, introducing developmental options and principles. This series does NOT just focus on the technique but also teaches you how to apply skills of thinking, choosing, observing, and predicting.
Attending all 4 sessions is highly recommended but not obligatory.

Lesson I: Predicament with Floorwork

Lesson II: Flow with partial Suspension

Lesson III:  Exploring Suspension

Lesson IV:  Interacting through Semenawa


The Videos of this series are Recorded Zoom–Sessions that took place in 2021 organized by Karada House.