Semenawa Performances

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This is a collection of Semenawa Performances by Akechi Kanna & Akechi Kagura that were recorded during the last year’s virtual Queerope conferences.

The possibilities of rope play are endless. There are many different goals and many different approaches. These performances are full of Akechi Kanna’s and Akechi Kagura’s favorite ways to play and relate to each other in rope. There are means to what they want to do with each other, and these means will constantly be changed according to the partner’s reactions to each other. The means tend to become the end, but the rope is the means, not the goal. So join us in watching two masterful rope practitioners play with each other.

“We would like to share the rope that allows us to express our individuality and sensitivity while placing importance on the basics, practice, learning, and understanding of principles and theories. We would be happy if you could feel even a little of the diverse, flexible, and infinite possibilities of Kinbaku through our rope!”

These Performances are Recorded Zoom–Sessions that took place in the last year’s virtual Queerope conferences organized by Karada House.