The Elements of “Seme” Series

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“Seme” is much more than simply giving pain or creating predicaments as it is often translated and described to Western students of Shibari. It is also not a style, technique or excuse to hurt someone through roughness or carelessness. On the contrary, seme is applied deliberately, carefully, precisely, sometimes boldly, and always on purpose. Seme is about playing with limits and boundaries while never breaking them. In short, Seme is a delicate and complex way of playing in ropes.

In this video series, Kanna & Kagura will deep dive into the general categories of Seme, along with their concepts, essential characteristics, how to choose the suitable Shibari, and how to play with all of these elements.

This series is not a set series about any particular Shibari patterns, but rather allows students to practice with no matter what style/school of Kinbaku you like and choose.
So this will encourage you to pay closer attention to your desires and heart, and make you dive more deeply into kink as a practice and pain as a sensation!

The Videos of this series are Recorded Zoom–Sessions that took place in 2022 organized by Karada House.