Wax Play

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It is so exciting to play with fire. Many of us like to play with edges and finding out our body’s limitations.

This course is designed for everyone who is beginning their journey into wax play or those who wish to refresh their basic knowledge.

This course will

  • give a basic level on where wax play can happen on the body
  • give health and safety considerations around wax play
  • offer suggestions on needs to be in your space
  • give tips and tricks on the different types of wax that are available to use
  • offer techniques and suggestions on timing and pace
  • covers wax specific boundaries, negotiation, and consensual play
  • gives demonstrations on wax play technique & other tools you may wish to use on the body
  • demonstrate the importance of care throughout any play
  • share feedback and reflection from Manon & Caritia

and much more.

course duration: approx. 3h