Hair Pulling

Hair pulling can be a very powerful move in rough body play. Not only because it can hurt and can be used to move a body very effectively but because it usually has a very strong effect on the psyche.

For some the feeling of having their hair pulled is too painful. Others love it and immediately slip into a submissive mindset.

If you wish to play with hair pulling, try it out with your partner(s) first and see how you do it best and how it feels for everyone involved.

Content Warning – hair pulling


Always take big chunks of hair instead of pulling on singular strands.

When pulling, use a slow motion and never yank on the hair as you might damage the scalp, rip out hair and damage the neck muscles or the spine with the motion.

Be aware of the risk that the person on the receiving end might lose some hair in the process.


1) Would you be interested in trying this technique?

2) How does hair pulling/getting your hair pulled feel for you physically but also psychologically?

3) Would you like to be on the giving or on the receiving end?

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