Boundaries, Consent & Negotiation

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Society’s structures are filled with rules, law, regulations and judgements on how each person is expected to behave and carry themselves.

What happens when those rules have been broken?

What happens when you were not taught the rules? Or if you were shown things that are counter intuitive to you?

This course is designed for anyone searching for ways to understand their boundaries, how to find consent and to negotiate from a safe(r) perspective in respect to kink play and its potentially complex dynamics.

This course will

  • guide you through the 3 distinct topics of boundaries, consent & negotiation
  • give you detailed information about how they are defined
  • explain in detail what informs and affects our boundaries and consent
  • take into account how societal concepts, emotional responses and lived experiences influence boundaries and consent
  • show you techniques and playful ways to navigate these sensitive topics
  • take into account and comment on (consensual) power and hierarchical dynamics
  • show you negotiation and play demos
  • provide you with resources and references for further study


course duration: approx. 4h

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