Introduction to Consent

Consent to permit, approve, agree or comply to an action

Now that we have established what boundaries are, what they are influenced by and how you can find, establish and examine them, we move on to a new topic: consent. This is one of THE most important topics in kink (and let’s be honest, in life as well). So let’s see what that actually means.


Consent should always be something that is

a) freely given

b) reversible

c) informed

d) enthusiastic

e) specific


Over to you. Take your time to answer these questions for yourself and also feel into your body.

1) What is consent for you?

2) What does it bring up in your body In general?

3) How does it feel when you think of it as a positive experience?

4) How does it feel when your consent is being violated? And how when you imagine violating someone else’s consent?

3) What is the last action/activity you gave consent to?

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