Introduction & Theory
How do you find out what your kinks are?

Sensation Play

Sensation Play – a form of play that uses the body’s senses as a way to arouse and provide stimulation to a partner

You slightly tickling your partner’s skin? That’s sensation play. You biting your partner’s neck? That’s sensation play. You getting blindfolded and then flogged? That is sensation play.

Lots of things fall under the category of sensation play. So what’s the difference? In this section we might not necessarily give you new techniques but a new perspective that focuses on the sensations and what you can do to and with them in respect to a kinky practice.

In short: lots of amazing fun stuff is coming your way. Buckle up.


1) What comes to mind when you hear the words sensation play?

2) Do you have a favourite type of sensation you love to indulge in?


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