Introduction & Theory
How do you find out what your kinks are?

Biting & Scratching

Meow! Kitty wants to bite and scratch. Whether it’s for fun, for pain or part of an animalistic role play or power exchange dynamic, scratching and biting are fun techniques that can quickly become intense. Even though you stay (mostly) on the skin’s surface, the impact of this practice can go deep into emotional and psychological areas of the person being scratched.

There’s lots of power in scratching and biting, so let’s have look at Manon getting a good scratching.


Both scratching and biting can involve bodily fluids if the skin is broken, so be extremely mindful of STD’s and other hygiene matters.

Start very slow with both techniques and increase them with the help of the number system, if necessary.

Both techniques will leave marks and potentially scars.


1) How did this demonstration resonate for you?

2) Do you enjoy being scratched?

3) Do you see yourself as an animalistic person?

4) Have you or those you play with changed the levels of intensity of the sensations being given?

5) What would a scratching and biting scene look like to you?

6) Do you like to play with fear and anticipation?

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