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How do you find out what your kinks are?

Electrical Play

Electrical Play – also known as erotic electrostimulation is a practice involving the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body for erotic or sensual purposes

Electrical play involves small doses of electricity being used to stimulate a person. This can be a purely sexual purposes or be part of pain play or power exchange dynamics.

Electrical play also works with the very common (and justified) fear of getting an electric shock of some kind. This practice needs substantial knowledge and very specific items. People often use TENS machines that are used in physiotherapy,or buy themselves a “violet wand” or use fly swatters etc.

The following demonstration should not be re-enacted if you do not know what you are doing and how much electrical charge the device you are using is gives off.

Content Warning – This video demonstration may be challenging to some viewers, as it contains electric shocks being given with explicit consent. The sound is loud and could also be disturbing. There is strong language through out.



Electrical play is edge play, meaning it is a practice that you cannot fully control or stop right away.

Do not engage in any electrical play if the person you are playing with has any heart problems or metal bone replacements.

Take off all jewellery and other electronic devices before you start.

Be mindful of metal piercings as they can conduct electricity.

Do not stimulate the area around the heart with electricity.

Know and always check your electrical device before you use it on a person.


1) How was it witnessing this demonstration for you? Did you get a buzz out of it? Did something resonate for you?

2) Are you into strong, sharp (electrical) sensations?

3) Which position do you see yourself in for this play? Giving or receiving?

4) Did you have a strong negative reaction seeing this form of play?

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