Introduction & Theory
How do you find out what your kinks are?

Fire, Wax & Ice

Hot, cold, sticky – fire, wax and ice are amazing tools for sensation play. All of them have an immediate effect. None of their effects can be eradicated immediately so be mindful of that.

Fire play (which we cannot show entirely in the demonstration ahead) is a practice that you should only engage in with very experienced practitioners. Fire play is a practice that uses fire near or directly on a person’s skin. This can be done by placing candles or other flames near a person’s skin, wiping alcohol on the skin and lighting it, tapping the skin with a lit torch, or flogging a person with a flaming whip or flogger.

Ice Play is a practice that even beginners can try out so we recommend you start with that.

So, let’s give Manon some sticky candle heat and some wonderful icy moments.

Now look at your kink list and note down what you enjoyed about the four types of sensation play you witnessed.

Is there something in this topic for you?


Always have appropriate safety equipment and a first aid kit at hand.

All these practices are edge play practices, meaning their impact cannot immediately be eradicated or fully controlled.

Have fire blankes, water buckets etc. at hand and do not engage in fire play with inexperienced people.

Do not leave ice on one spot too long.

Do not use colored candles as they burn much hotter. Start playing the candle at large distance from the body and then come closes slowly.


1) Can you see yourself in the giving or receiving position of this play?

2) Reflect back, do you have any previous experiences with ice play?

3) How did this topic resonate for you?


➔ Book: Flames of Passion: Handbook of Erotic Fire Play by David Walker & Corwin

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