Introduction & Theory
How do you find out what your kinks are?

Introduction into Find Your Kink(s)

Kink – umbrella term for consensual, non-traditional sexual, sensual, and intimate behaviors such as sadomasochism, domination and submission, erotic roleplaying, fetishism, and erotic forms of discipline

Welcome to the vast new and shiny world of kink! It’s fun out here but there is also a lot going on. So how to find your place, your kinks? Worry not, this course was designed to give you a tour through this world and show you what’s out there. It’s a pleasure to take this journey with you. No matter your experience level – a beginner taking your first steps into kink or someone who has some previous knowledge, we truly hope you will find this course informative and most importantly fun. We sure had a lot of fun filming it.

How to best navigate this course:

We recommend that you take your time, stepping through each section in turn, especially if this is your first entry into kink. We have aimed to offer a structure that allows you to take your own pace, with exercises you can practically do and space to reflect on your way.  The course is broken down into bite size lessons. You are invited to pause and return, pause and return, as many times as fits for you.

Each lesson will provide your with definitions and vocabulary if necessary, a video full of explanations and fun demos plus reflection questions. Later on in the course we will provide you with an extensive PDF that we call THE KINK LIST. We recommend you fill this out as you move through the lessons so you can map and understand your own desires and kinky landscape.

We also recommend that you pay special attention to the Consent, Boundaries and Negotiation, as this is an area we feel should not be skipped no matter how many times you watch the course. We only cover the basics here. If you would like a deep dive, please check out our course Boundaries, Consent & Negotiation.

Additionally feel free to sit through and come back to the meditation if you find yourself activated/triggered in any way. See it as a point of oasis where you can rest and reset.

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